You are a traveler.

Imagine, you live in Seattle, WA.

Your girlfriend live in Los Angeles, CA.

You two are going to meet this weekend and you did not met her for a year. You missed her so much and you cannot think to anything else but meeting your girl and take her out for dinner in LA Friday afternoon and being with her whole weekend and this is the only thing you can think about it.

You rented an amazing car and now it is Wednesday afternoon in rainy Seattle and you are about to leave  Seattle and everything is ready to go to the meaning of life which is meet your girl.

Tonight you stop in Portland, to eat something. Are you going to a fancy restaurant and waiting half an hour for your meal to get ready and spend hours to eat and talk to others to make friends when you know you don’t have enough time and your girls is waiting for you and that’s the only reason you live.

Never, you just drive through McDonald or turn your head to find a Subway fast food and you will eat in your car while you drive to LA.

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